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California Auto Insurance — Things to Bear in Mind Before Signing a Contract

There are many factors to consider when you are planning to purchase vehicle insurance and it can get pretty stressful. Here at CheapCaliforniaInsurance.Org, we have made it our mission to help you get through the process with as little strain as possible. The most important thing is to know the exact legal requirements for motorists in California because a wider coverage will mean a higher cost. Other laws may be pertinent as well and so they must be given due attention. Don’t worry if these all sound too much as we’ve laid everything out for you below. As for quotes, you can always use our search widget to view the latest deals in California.

CA Auto Insurance: The Legal Necessities

Cheap California auto insurance can be acquired if you know where to look and what to look for. One good thing about the state is that no-fault insurance is optional so that aids in lowering the cost. Neither is UM/UIM obligatory for drivers so it doesn’t have to be added on. As for liability, the state’s minimum values are shown here:

Coverage Requirements Most Common
Bodily Injury Liability 15,000/30,000 100,000/300,000
Property Damage Liability 5,000 100,000
UM/UIM Optional 100,000/300,000
PIP Coverage Optional 5,000
Medical Payments Optional 5,000
Collision Optional 500 deductible
Comprehensive Optional 250 deductible


Now that we’ve got the policy requirements out of the way, we’ll next focus our attention on traffic and driving laws which are unique to the state. Motorists have to respect the designated speed limits to ensure their safety and avoid causing any disturbance on the roads. California limits are as follows:

Speed Limits

Rural Interstate 70 mph; trucks: 55 mph
Urban Interstate 65 mph; trucks: 55 mph
Other Limited-Access 70 mph; trucks: 55 mph
Other Roads 65 mph; trucks: 55 mph


 Additional Sources on California Auto Insurance

Diligence off-road translates to safety while on the road. Study everything you can about how the state regulates motorists you that you’ll always be ready no matter what happens. A good deal of information about IDs and registration can be found on the California DMV:

California Department of Insurance:

Official Website of California:

Discount-hunting for CA Auto Insurance

Several methods can be used to lower premiums. For example, cheap car insurance in California can be yours if you are eligible for one or more of the discounts which are regularly being given away. There are rate cuts for straight-A students, low-mileage motorists, and off-peak drivers. Reductions are also possible for those who have installed anti-theft devices or have state-of-the-art safety features. Inquire about what’s available before making the final decision.

Vehicle insurance is a fact of life when you plan to drive in California and most other states. However, the costs associated with this can be minimized if you study the laws and read up on discount tips. Finally, use our quote generator here at CheapCaliforniaInsurance.Org to spot the lowest rates in town.

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