Bakersfield, CA

As a new resident in the city, you may be wondering where you can get cheap auto insurance in Bakersfield. The traditional way to go about it is to consult the phone directory and call up each provider in town to ask for quotes but this slow and inefficient. A better way would be to use our quote box here at which can pull up all the quotes within a given zip code within seconds. Try it and be amazed.

Average Bakersfield Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $812 Per Year

Living in Bakersfield is neither cheap nor expensive. For instance, the typical annual vehicle insurance payment here is at $1,387, with the lowest coming in at $1,047 and the highest at $2,056. Where you’ll fall in the spectrum depends on a lot of factors including past behavior, current circumstances, and automobile specifics.

Insurance Factors — How are calculations made for Bakersfield, CA insurance?

Providers everywhere follow a simple rule: reward safety and penalize risk. They are, after all, in the business of supplying financial aid during emergencies. The less these emergencies occur, the more money they can keep in their vaults. High risk clients pay a lot more than the average because they tend to require more assistance as evidenced by their poor driving history and the like. Other factors to watch out for are:

  • Location — Driving through traffic is a headache but it is inescapable when living in a congested city. Providers don’t like it either because being bumper-to-bumper all the times increases the probability of accidents. Bakersfield has a fast-growing population that’s now at 348,541. Residents occupy 113.1 square miles of land, so the density is at a modest 3,082 people per sq mi.
  • Driving To Work — Another of road risk is the time of day. People who usually drive in the morning during peak hours are more prone to collisions than the rest. This is often unavoidable due to their work schedules. Off-peak drivers are lucky as they can avail of sweet discounts just for being on the safe side. This can go a long way in the attainment of cheap car insurance in Bakersfield. Locals generally deal with 22.2 minutes of commute to work every day. In 2009, the fatal accident count in the city was higher than the state with 7.1 versus 5.5 per 100,000.
  • Auto Thefts — It would be a nightmare to find out that your car has been stolen. If the city you live in is known to be hot-bed for car theft or if your car model is among the popular ones, then you should make it a point to install deterrents to reduce your risk. This will mean some additional spending but the amount can be quickly recouped through insurance discounts. The 2,396 cases of auto theft in 2011 should serve as a warning to all residents of Bakersfield.
  • Education — A college degree can lead to some pleasant surprises such as automobile insurance discounts. That means 12.9% of Bakersfield residents have an ace up their sleeves.

What used to be a chore is now an enjoyable activity. Get quotes from and enjoy a ton of savings today. Finding cheap auto insurance in Bakersfield has never been easier!

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