Long Beach, CA

Every resident would appreciate a rate reduction and that is best accomplished by shifting to a more affordable plan. The question is, as always, how do you find it? There are actually a good number of providers offering cheap auto insurance in Long Beach. Locating them used to be problematic but not anymore thanks to Cheapcaliforniainsurance.org‘s incredible search tool. Type in your zip code and it will give you quotes from that area in a snap. No sweat, no fuss.

Average Long Beach Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $983 Annually

LB is certainly a fantastic place to settle in, but how is it when it comes to practical matters like insurance? Well it turns out that the city average is $1,439 which is slightly higher than the mean for California which is $1,304 but lower than the US average of $1,529. The range goes from $1,114 to $2,786 according to the data from major carriers.

Insurance Factors — Making Sense of the Numbers in Long Beach, CA

Each person is different from the next, thus the need for individualized evaluation. Providers will look into every little detail to pick up on any red flags. If they find things that seem to place the client at risk, then they will increase the premium accordingly. Of course, these are all balanced with things that indicate safety and security. Let’s discuss some of the leading factors in more detail:

  • Location — The city is located within Los Angeles County and has a population of 462,645. With a small land area of 50 square miles, the resulting density is extremely high at 9,172. Crowded places tend to have an elevated rate of road accidents which pushes the premiums upward.
  • Driving To Work — As far as providers are concerned, the day is divided into two parts: rush hour and the rest. The people who often drive during the rush have a higher probability of getting into an accident than the others, and this is of course followed by higher fees. It takes 28.7 minutes for a regular commuter to get to work in LB. The latest fatal accident count came from the 2009 data which shows 6.1 per 100,000 for the city.
  • Auto Thefts — Popular cars are more likely to be targeted by thieves and they comprise a good chunk of the 2,212 incidents of car theft during 2011. Prevention measures are crucial such as the installation of locks and alarms. These may be simple gadgets but they do discourage criminals and force them to move elsewhere. More than that, these also serve as tickets to lower premiums via security discount – a step closer to cheap car insurance in Long Beach.
  • Education — Hard work pays off, sometimes in unexpected ways like the granting of education-related discounts for automobile insurance. Of the city’s population, 15.8% are college grads and 18.5% are high school grads.

Low-cost insurance is well within your reach. We’re here to point you to the right direction through our comprehensive search tool. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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