Oakland, CA

Have you transferred recently to Oakland? Then you’re probably snooping around for some low-cost vehicle insurance to get things in order. Don’t worry if you haven’t found any yet because we at Cheapcaliforniainsurance.org have access to all the plans available in the state. Use our quote generator above and you’ll get all the info on cheap auto insurance in Oakland within seconds.

Average Oakland Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $869 Per Year

Oakland can be a pretty expensive place to live in. The average automobile insurance, for instance, is at $1,948 and can go up as much as $3,468. On the other hand, some people have managed to lower theirs to a very reasonable $1,287. You can reach this level as well if you can make your particulars conducive to low premiums.

Insurance Factors — Is there a way to make vehicle insurance approximations in Oakland, California?

Computing for insurance is a complex business and providers consider dozens of things before coming up with an exact figure. However, it is possible to get a feel for whether you’ll be paying a high premium or not. It all boils down to your perceived risk as a client as indicators include driving history, credit score, car color, and vehicle age. The following are also important:

  • Location — Driving in a busy city is more dangerous than traveling around a small town. There are just too many vehicles on the road which translates to an increased likelihood of collisions. Oakland has 391,445 residents crammed into 56.1 square miles. The resulting population density is a rather high 6,983 people per sq mi.
  • Driving To Work — No one likes having to wake up early and trying to beat the clock at the office, especially since it involves driving along crowded streets with thousands of people in a mad rush. It’s also a risky business so insurance companies impose higher fees on peak traffic commuters. On the other hand, off-peak commuters can get awesome discounts that help towards cheap car insurance in Oakland. Commutes here take just over half an hour. The fatal accident count in 2009 was 4.2 per 100,000 compared to California’s 5.5.
  • Auto Thefts — If you live in a large city and drive a popular car model, then you are likely to be targeted by auto thieves. This makes providers jittery and so they charge higher premiums. However, they can be persuaded to lower their fees if you install anti-theft devices inside your car. Note that there were 6,305 such incidents in Oakland during 2011.
  • Education — Higher education leads to lower premiums. Nearly a fifth of the Oakland population proudly owns a bachelor’s degree and they can avail of great insurance discounts. An almost equal number have high school diplomas and those who plan to upgrade these can reap the same benefits.

Cheapcaliforniainsurance.org has made shopping for insurance faster and more convenient than ever. With just one click, you can acquire all the relevant quotes for your location, making it easy to spot cheap auto insurance in Oakland. Give our quote generator a try and be on your way to fantastic savings!

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