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There is no doubt that vehicle insurance is a vital safety net for all motorists, but their cost leaves many wondering if there are better options out there – in this case, cheap auto insurance in Santa Ana. The truth is that the majority of car owners would benefit from a cursory comparison of different policies as they will likely see several which offer lower premiums than their current plans. helps facilitate this comparison by making the powerful quote generator above available for free to all visitors. Fill in the blanks, hit enter, and watch as it lists down insurance quotes from any zip code around the state.

Average Santa Ana Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $717 Annually

Residents of the city generally pay around $1,616 for the privilege of maintaining their plans. This is fairly high considering that the average in Orange County is 6% less and that of California is a massive 24% lower. It would be interesting to find out why the premiums here are so much more expensive than elsewhere in the neighborhood, as well as what the locals can do to reduce their payments.

Insurance Factors — Understanding the High Premiums of Santa Ana, CA

It should be noted that no single factor determines the insurance rates. Rather, multiple factors contribute towards a final amount, and the influence of each varies from person to person. Some of these are obvious enough such as the condition of the car, the owner’s driving record, and the crime rate in the city. Others are not as apparent like credit score and civil status. More of these issues are discussed below:

  • Location — The city has a sizeable population of 325,321 with a thriving Hispanic community. It is a rather small metropolis with an area of 27.1 square miles. With so many people packed into a tiny piece of land, the density is sky-high at 11,986 persons per sq mi. Its streets are predictably congested and heavy traffic prevails most of the time. Unfortunately, insurance providers charge higher when they see these conditions as it elevates the risk of accidents.
  • Driving To Work — The traffic is balanced out by the city’s small size so the mean travel time to work is still tolerable at 27 minutes. In 2009, there were 11 fatalities due to road accidents, many during the rush hour. It would be safer to drive during off-peak hours, not to mention cheaper as providers allot discounts for motorists who make this a habit.
  • Auto Thefts — The 1,286 incidents of car theft in the city during 2011 should serve as a warning to residents. Security should be a primary concern and concrete steps must be taken to avoid being victimized, such as the installation of audible alarms to scare off thieves and strong locks to prevent them from breaking in.
  • Education — A diploma is not a simple piece of paper. It is also a ticket to opportunities in the professional field and even in odd places like insurance companies. Discounts on premiums can be acquired by college graduates and current students so do ask around for that.

Save a good deal of money every year by getting cheap car insurance in Santa Ana. Find out what options are available for you by using the quote generator above.

If you don’t live in Santa Ana, you can still save money. All you have to do is visit one of our city pages on Long Beach, Oakland, or Bakersfield!

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